Step 1: Find Your Tinnitus Tone

Find your pitch

In order for AudioNotch to create your personalized sounds therapy, you'll go through a series of steps. Most people with tinnitus try the series of steps around 8 times to match their tone. Don't give up! Stop once you hear a tone that matches your tinnitus.

Please make sure your volume is turned down!

  • Step 1: Click A and B to hear two tones. Then select the tone that best matches your tinnitus tone. Don't worry if it doesn't match at first. Go to Step 2.
    • Tone A
    • Tone B
  • Step 2: You may find it helpful to choose an option in the Wave Type dropdown box to more closely identify your tinnitus tone. You can click A or B again to try out the different wave types.
  • What is this?

  • Step 3: If you haven't found a match yet, try increasing the pitch of the tones by clicking the button increase the pitch button.
  • Increase The Pitch
  • Step 4: Now that you've increase the pitch, go back to Step 1. Select A or B to choose the tone that best matches your tinnitus tone. Remember, you may have to do this step more than once to match your tone. Keep trying!
  • Step 5: Once you have matched your tone, click CREATE THERAPY.
  • Restart

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