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Treatment For Ringing In Ears

Written by AudioNotch Team on December 23, 2017


Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.

A sense of a “ringing” sound in the ears is referred to as Tinnitus. Tinnitus isn’t really an illness in and of itself. The condition occurs as a symptom of other conditions, which can range from ear infections, exposure to loud noises, depression, use of certain medications, tumors or other medical conditions like Meniere’s disease (which can also cause dizziness). There’s no question that needing constant treatment for ringing in ears can be very aggravating, which is why a natural and effective treatment for ringing in ears is very valuable.

Natural Approaches to Healing Tinnitus

One key to avoiding Tinnitus is to protect the ears from prolonged exposure to loud noises that can cause hearing damage. Loud concerts and listening to very loud music over earphones should be avoided in order to protect the ears.

Medical treatment for ringing in ears

Since there are many possible causes for ringing in the ears, it’s important for anyone who suffers from this problem to consult a physician for help, in order to rule out potentially serious causes, like brain tumors or tumors near the ears. A full workup by a medical professional will help find the source of the ringing problem so it can be treated effectively. After a full exam, a hearing specialist may be brought in to do a more specific exam to ascertain the cause of the Tinnitus.

If the examining doctors find a medical cause for the ringing, a treatment plan will be established to treat the illness. In some cases, anti-depressant medications have been found to help relieve Tinniitus, Elavil is sometimes given to patients to relieve the problem, as well as anti-anxiety drugs like Valium. Sometimes a steroid is actually applied to the middle-ear area, and that, along with anti-anxiety drugs can help relieve the ringing.

Natural Treatments

Sometimes a build-up of earwax can bring on ringing, and this is a condition that can be treated fairly easily by flushing out the ears and then having a doctor use a curved instrument to clean out any excess wax. In the case of an ear infection, the ear can be treated with hydrocortisone to improve the condition and relieve itchiness and other symptoms of infection. In other cases, a “masking” device, which is like a hearing aid, can be worn. These devices emit a sound that distracts from the ringing sensation, and can “train” the hearing away from the ringing tone.

Tinnitus isn’t an easy condition to live with, but the good news is that help is definitely available, so those who are dealing with it should schedule an exam to help discover the source of the problem.