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How much does Tinnitus Retraining Therapy cost?

Written by Adrian on July 26, 2012


Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is a tinnitus treatment that seeks to help people cope with their tinnitus through habituation. It was first proposed in 1993, making it much older than notched sound therapy, which was proposed in 2009.

So how much does tinnitus retraining therapy cost? That depends on the clinic that you were to go to, however the cost is usually expensive–around $3000. Tinnitus retraining therapy usually takes between 12 to 24 months!
TRT uses a combination of counselling and sound therapy with patients, to try and reduce a patient’s focus on tinnitus. The sound therapy that TRT uses is usually … Continue Reading

How much does Neuromonics cost?

Written by Adrian on July 26, 2012


One thing that we get asked a lot at AudioNotch is: are we like Neuromonics? AudioNotch is different from Neuromonics in several ways. We use notched sound therapy, which is a new form of tinnitus treatment, and is based on completely different principles.

We also charge a lot less than Neuromonics. How much does Neuromonics cost? $4500 according to the UCSF medical center! That makes Neuromonics almost 50 times as expensive as AudioNotch!

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means, that if you’re not satisfied with AudioNotch, just contact us and we’ll give you … Continue Reading

Does AudioNotch Work For Meniere’s Disease?

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 20, 2012

Categories: Tinnitus

Multiple people have asked us whether or not AudioNotch will work with individuals who suffer from tinnitus that is caused by Meniere’s disease. UFC president Dana White is a notable celebrity who suffers from this illness. Wikipedia states:
Ménière’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance to a varying degree. It is characterized by episodes of vertigo, low pitched tinnitus, and hearing loss. The hearing loss has a fluctuating then permanent nature, meaning that it comes and goes, alternating between ears for some time, then becomes permanent with … Continue Reading

Blogging User Questions: A Cavalcade of Queries!

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 20, 2012

Categories: Announcement

Hi Jagg,
Thanks for your questions!

  • How close to accurate must i be in judging my tinnitus tone on the slider? i know “as close as possible” obviously, but as i am not an audio scientist, i really don’t know if “close enough” means within 5 kHz or 50 or 500.

To determine the margin of error, check out this post:

  • How do we know when we are “as close as possible”? is it the moment where the tone is nearly out of my hearing range, i.e. the point at which it starts to fade to nearly inaudible?  here … Continue Reading

AudioNotch Launches New Features!

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 20, 2012

Categories: Announcement

Hi Everyone,

Our development team has been super hard at work coding new features into the AudioNotch subscription service!

  1. We’ve incorporated a new guided “click-through” tour of the site that is freely accessible once you register an account!
  2. Streaming Notched Sound Therapy is now available – you can listen at a desktop computer without downloading any files!
  3. The streaming Notched Sound Therapy is also functional on mobile devices – you can listen through you browser on you iPad or iOS device!


Guest Post: How to Enjoy Events Safely and Avoid Hearing Loss

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 19, 2012

Categories: Hearing

John O’Connor of Blogging With John O has written a guest post for AudioNotch on how to avoid hearing loss and prevent tinnitus! Check it out!

How to Enjoy Events Safely and Avoid Hearing Loss

Many people would be surprised that the very things most people enjoy in America, and around the world, for celebration purposes could actually put us at-risk for hearing loss. Events that exceed 85 decibels will put participants at-risk for diminished hearing. This is especially true if the person’s immune system is compromised and is not fortified with vitamins A, B, C, D, E … Continue Reading

Blogging User Questions: Credibility

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 15, 2012

Categories: Tinnitus

A user of ours has sent the following e-mail, voicing her reasons for skepticism about the efficacy of AudioNotch. Verbatim (with her identity removed), her e-mail reads as follows:
I have had tinnitus for nearly twenty years and have spent much money trying various remedies.It appears to me that money is more important than all of those remedies. None of them have done what they claim. I checked the American Tinnitus Association for support of your claim and found none.Your research sounds promising, but I am sceptical. … Continue Reading

Dance Music and Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 10, 2012

Categories: Hearing Tinnitus

Here is a link to a great article on Dance Music and the risk of loud noise exposure causing tinnitus. Worth a read – send it to your concertgoing and clubgoing friends!
A club soundystem – assuming you’ve got a halfway decent one on your hands – operates well in excess of 100dB(A) (a nearby pneumatic drill clocks in at around 110). Protracted exposure to these high volumes causes damage to the tiny hairs in the inner ear that convert vibrations in the air into auditory signals; once these hairs are damaged they can’t be replaced, and … Continue Reading

AudioNotch Profiled in the McMaster Silhouette

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 10, 2012

Categories: Announcement Tinnitus

Hi all,

We’re pleased to announce that AudioNotch has been profiled in the McMaster Silhouette!
You’re at a rock concert, listening to your favourite musician rip a guitar solo, or at a crowded nightclub, fist pumping to a blaring techno pop song. When you eventually leave, on top of fun memories (or lack thereof), you still have that ringing in your ears.
Check out the article – more press to come!