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AudioNotch review: does AudioNotch work?

Written by Adrian on May 05, 2019

To monitor the efficacy of AudioNotch’s tinnitus treatment we send two surveys at one and two month intervals after purchase. In this post we go through the results of the surveys. Please keep in mind the following:
  1. The percentages are not statistically representative of the actual results that exist: fewer than 10% of our active user base responds to the surveys
  2. We have about a 3% refund rate right now. Thus we believe that those who have a negative experience with AudioNotch would be more likely to respond to a survey resulting in a higher percentage of negative responses.
  3. If you do experience a temporary elevation in tinnitus volume in response to AudioNotch, read about how to deal with it here. Also keep in mind that we offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.
We have published the data from our surveys previously here: AudioNotch Review & Success Rate Data – One Month and Two Month Surveys. Without further ado here are the results (data from 5/4/2019):

Overall satisfaction – One Month

Here we see that 63.8% of survey respondents rate their experience with AudioNotch as Good or Excellent.

Overall satisfaction – Two Months

After two months we see that 76.7% of survey respondents rate their experience with AudioNotch as Good or Excellent with only 10% rating their experience as Poor.

Tinnitus volume reduction – One Month

Here we see more than half of survey respondents (52%) had a reduction in the volume of the ringing in their ears. Unfortunately 4 out of the 58 respondents found that AudioNotch made things worse. This is a risk of any tinnitus sound therapy and this is why we offer a money-back guarantee.

Tinnitus volume reduction – Two Months

After two months we see that the percent of people who had a significant reduction in tinnitus volume grew to 10%. 53.3% saw a reduction in volume. Unfortunately there were also 4 people who saw an increase in volume. In follow-up blog posts we will investigate the correlation with how well survey respondents were able to find their tinnitus frequency and the results they observed. If you have any questions about the data get in contact with us here. If you would like to sign up for AudioNotch tinnitus treatment then you can do so here. Wishing you all the best, Adrian, CEO