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Gene Therapy for Tinnitus

Written by Adrian on November 19, 2018

You may be familiar with notched tinnitus sound therapy like what AudioNotch offers. However this may not work as a cure for everyone. Gene therapy is being used to develop a treatment and potential cure for hearing loss, and possibly tinnitus. The most promising company is Frequency Therapeutics who have a drug that is in phase 1 testing (of 2). The drug is called FX-322 and is an injection into the eardrum. Once the drug is injected, it works by regenerating the hair cells responsible for hearing.

You can read more about the trial on Frequency Therapeutics site.

Due in part to the difficulty of accessing the inner ear, hearing loss has not historically received much medical interest in developing treatments or cures.Complicating manners is the delicate relationship between the ear and the brain, which still isn’t fully understood.

The technique that the ear-healing drug is based on was also only published in 2015 from researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School. It’s called Progenitor Cell Activation and activates the bodies own healing mechanisms.

Hopefully the phase 1 trial is successful and the drug continues to be developed. Unfortunately, drug approval is a long process and it may be years until the treatment is brought to market. If all goes according to plan we should see progress and it may be a candidate hearing loss and tinnitus cure by the year 2022.

Official trial documentation here.

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