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Hearing Loss And Tinnitus Causes

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 18, 2014

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Hearing is one of the most important senses, but it unfortunately is also the sense that is most common for people to lose. Everyone loses some of their hearing ability as they get older. It is just a part of aging. One thing that many people don’t realize is that hearing loss just doesn’t involve the loss of the ability to hear sounds. There are other symptoms that often accompany hearing loss. Tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears, is one of the most common of these additional symptoms of … Continue Reading

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 14, 2014

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Note: this article was written by Max, one of our partners at HitTail

Tinnitus is a symptom of mal-adaptive changes in your brain following hearing loss. It’s a disorder where the brain registers non-existent sound. Tinnitus has stages that can range from minor nuisance right to a debilitating reaction that can lead to loss of hearing. It can interfere with having normal conversation, listening to music and even enjoying silence.

Tinnitus is usually treated by a neuromuscular dentist. Most sufferers are told – and manage – to live with this disorder, as most forms are untreatable. Some cases are … Continue Reading

TMS Treatment Blog

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 12, 2014

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The subject of TMS as a treatment for tinnitus has come up multiple times on the AudioNotch blog.

Despite promising early small scale studies, we’ve repeatedly reviewed evidence that indicates that TransCranial Magnetic Stimulation is an ineffective treatment for tinnitus:

Audio Interviews About Spontaneous Remission

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 12, 2014

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to find audio interviews about individuals detailing their experience of spontaneous remission of tinnitus. Instead, what I’ve done here is compile of list of the two best blog posts I wrote on the subject:

Tinnitus TMS

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 12, 2014

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重複經顱磁刺激是已經過測試,耳鳴治療。已經有一些有前途的文學與過去指導的rTMS 。在該過程中,磁體被用來修改神經元非侵入性地,通過保持它在患者的頭部。該技術已被用於治療抑鬱症。

最近的一項隨機對照試驗(實驗認為是最優質的類型)顯示, rTMS治療是無效的耳鳴的治療:

結果:在無後續評價的時刻,觀察相對於TQ變更或THI得分相對於治療前得分磁刺激和安慰劑之間的差異顯著。多級建模( MLM)的分析並沒有表現出一個全球性的治療效果不是。患者具有較高程度的負擔,表現出顱磁刺激後稍有較大的提高(僅在THI顯著傳銷分析) 。結論:聽覺皮層的雙側低頻磁刺激是沒有有效的治療耳鳴。


Successful People With Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 12, 2014

Can you be successful and have a debilitating medical illness like tinnitus?

Yes, absolutely.

There are ways of coping with tinnitus that will allow you to focus and concentrate.

If you want to feel inspired, check out this visual list of people who’ve attained great success, despite having tinnitus.

A few of the more notable ones are as follows:

•    Chris Martin
•    Gary Numan
•    Eric Clapton
•    William Shatner
•    Barbra Streisand
•    Steve Martin
•    Leslie Nielsen
•    Engelbert Humperdinck
•    Gabe Lopez
•    Lars Urlich
•    Bob Dylan
•    Leonard Nimoy
•    Dwight D. Eisenhower
•    Martin Luther
•    Phil Collins
•    Cher
•    Morgan Fairchild
•    Cheryl Tiegs
•    Ozzy Ozborne
•    Huey Lewis
•    Ludwig van … Continue Reading

Is Tinnitus under-appreciated by the Canadian Military?

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 12, 2014

A sad case of a veteran unable to acquire effective treatment for his tinnitus:

The couple has tried desperately to get help for tinnitus, which is treatable.

Back in 2008, Veterans Affairs’ own medical examiner acknowledged that Rainville has tinnitus, and since then, they have been fighting for funding for specialized treatment at a Montreal clinic.

“I did all the steps that they wanted,” Rainville said. It’s still pending. I don’t know what they’re doing.”

Estimates for the treatment shows an initial evaluation would cost $620, but it’s money the family doesn’t have.

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MDMA as Tinnitus Treatment?

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 12, 2014

Not recommended, but interesting nonetheless:
An illegal party drug could hold the answer tinnitus sufferers have long been waiting to hear.

This week, an international conference devotes three days of expert discussion to tinnitus research, a condition which causes a constant and long-term ringing within the ear drum.

Researchers from Auckland hope the conference could be the springboard to the first approved trials of tinnitus treatment using the drug MDMA, one component used to make the illegal street drug ecstasy. University of Auckland senior lecturer Grant Searchfield said there were enough reports from those with tinnitus who had taken ecstasy … Continue Reading

AudioNotch User Review: An example of when it didn’t work out

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 04, 2014

Categories: Treatment Review

Below, I’ve reproduced a e-mail from one of our users. This user provided some really good feedback and I wanted the chance to discuss it.

It’s important for us to stress that we don’t have a 100% success rate. Anyone who makes ridiculous claims like that is selling you snake oil.

Below is an example of a user who didn’t experience a benefit, but we wanted to be up-front about.

I’ve published his e-mail with his permission.

Thank you very much for enabling people to try your treatment on a ‘refund if no improvement’ basis.

It sounds like you … Continue Reading

What if one has have multiple tinnitus tones?   

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 01, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus

If one has multiple tinnitus tones, you can match them as needed. However, our software was only designed to treat one tinnitus tone at a time.

If you want, it’s possible to make a track with multiple notches. Let’s say you have two tinnitus tones t1 and t2 at two different frequencies, f1 and f2. To create a Notched Sound Therapy file with multiple notches:

  1. Notch White Noise at the first frequency, f1.
  2. Download the MP3 format file of “White Noise – Notched at f1.”
  3. Upload the file from step (2) as a “song.”
  4. Notch the song … Continue Reading