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Testimonial from a new AudioNotch user

Written by Adrian on June 30, 2020

We’re always happy to get feedback from our users! Here’s a recent email that we got from a happy user:

No questions but I do need to tell you this, I thought I was going to go insane with Tinnitus, have tried numerous “low cost” initiatives in the hope it would abate on it’s own.

Well it hasn’t and it won’t but since using your program in only 3 days the pitch of my Tinnitus is hardly noticeable and in-fact there are times when I don’t even hear it…until I think about it then it’s there. My work ahead is to find a way to eliminate the sound, naturally using vitamins, PEMF device and other therapies. I believe if caught early enough and use of a program like yours, there would be far less long-term ramifications.

So I’m still learning about how it works and also doing cognitive behavioral therapy but your system has given me my sanity back, a BIG thank you!

From S.B.