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Testimonial from a new AudioNotch user

Written by Adrian on June 30, 2020

We’re always happy to get feedback from our users! Here’s a recent email that we got from a happy user:

No questions but I do need to tell you this, I thought I was going to go insane with Tinnitus, have tried numerous “low cost” initiatives in the hope it would abate on it’s own.

Well it hasn’t and it won’t but since using your program in only 3 days the pitch of my Tinnitus is hardly noticeable and in-fact there are times when I don’t even hear it…until I think about it then it’s … Continue Reading

Another AudioNotch Testimonial

Written by AudioNotch Team on March 05, 2017

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Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.


Here’s a wonderful message from one of our users:
Mr. Phua,

I’ve had tinnitus for most of my adult life – now 69.  I’ve been using your
program (off and on, depending on circumstances) for 5 years.  We recently
moved to NYC from Florida and I didn’t have the time or patience to listen to the
Just lately, things have opened up, and I am once again listening, and truly
feeling relieved by the time spent with your ‘sounds’.  … Continue Reading

Another satisfied user

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 17, 2015

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Here’s an e-mail from Mona, a user that recently shared her experience with AudioNotch with us:


Hello — My tinnitus began on Sept. 19, 2011.  My dental hygienist was buffing a back tooth when the sound from that conducted through the tooth and into my ear.  It was so loud I flinched; she stopped; started again and the sound lasted for another three seconds — my left ear has been ringing ever since.  Until about 15 minutes ago.

I purchased my subscription a few months ago but hardly used it. This week I got serious about it and beginning on Tuesday sat … Continue Reading

AudioNotch Testimonial

Written by AudioNotch Team on November 12, 2014

A user by the name of Anthony sent us this e-mail recently:
Hi all, just want you to know that I have been treating (listening) to your notched white noise now for about 13 months, its only been in the last month that I am having more than 1 T free day a week, in the last 2 weeks Im experiencing 2-3-4 days in a row literally T free. When the T reappears I then listen again for what could be 30 mins and on waking the next day its all but gone again. I have noticed that its always … Continue Reading