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Meditation Fixes Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 30, 2014

Does meditation “fix” tinnitus?

A new program called Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction  has been studied as a therapy. Instead of directly attacking the volume of the tinnitus tone, this therapy indirectly targets our brain’s negative reaction to the tinnitus percept. It’s a brilliant technique that leverages the power of mindfulness. The study link is available here.

Additionally, one of the study authors gave a great talk on this subject. In short, meditation doesn’t fix tinnitus per se, but it can dramatically reduce how negatively it affects your life.

If you’re interested in sound therapy for tinnitus check out  We offer a service … Continue Reading

Chris Martin Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 30, 2014

Did you know that Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, suffers from tinnitus?

Martin started playing in a band while in middle school. As you may know, the band he later formed, Coldplay, went on to become world famous. By the time Martin was 25 years old, though, he had begun to experience headaches and ringing in his ears. Doctors warned him that his music career might be over if he didn’t protect his ears, so he now wears hearing protection when he plays with the band and attends concerts.

“Looking after your ears … Continue Reading

AM101 Phase 3

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 30, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus Research

AM101, a drug for treating the acute development of tinnitus, is entering Phase 3 clinical trials. 

Auris Medical today announced enrollment of the first patient into the TACTT21 clinical trial. This phase 3 trial will evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of intratympanic injections of AM-101 in the treatment of acute peripheral tinnitus following traumatic cochlear injury or otitis media. TACTT2 will enroll 330 patients at more than 60 sites primarily in the United States and Canada.

The initiation of the TACTT2 trial follows shortly after the start of TACTT3, its European counterpart. Both have been … Continue Reading

Buy AM 101 Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 30, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus Research

AM 101 is a drug currently in clinical trials for the treatment of tinnitus. A press release explains how it functions:
AM-101 is a small molecule N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist formulated in a biocompatible gel for intratympanic injection. Emerging evidence suggests that NMDA receptors in the cochlea play a major role in the occurrence of tinnitus following inner ear excitotoxicity, which is characterized by excessive synaptic release of glutamate, the principal neurotransmitter in the auditory system. Cochlear excitotoxicity may be triggered by, for example, trauma (e.g. exposure to excessive noise), neuroinflammation, disturbances in inner ear blood … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Noise Masker

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 27, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus

A tinnitus masker is a good tool for providing “masking” of your tinnitus tone – basically, using a sound to “drown out” the audio of your tinnitus. Masking has been studied but isn’t really a true “treatment” for tinnitus – think of it more as a tool that can be used for certain purposes.

We’ve provided a free tinnitus masker that is available here.

Some useful applications for a tinnitus masker include:

  • Creating an ambient noise to drown out your tinnitus tone and get some work done
  • Covering your tinnitus sound with a more soothing sound that allows … Continue Reading

Notched Out

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 09, 2014

Tailor Made Notched Sound Therapy is created by “Notching Out” sound energy at and around a user’s tinnitus frequency. Here’s an infographic below which explains how it works:

An overview of how to "Notch Out" audio from unprocessed audio

An overview of how to “Notch Out” audio from unprocessed audio


We understsand, however, that users want an unbiased view of how this therapy actually works and what the efficacy is.

Check out this Tinnitus Talk forum thread where Notched Sound Therapy is discussed. We’ve posted on the thread but … Continue Reading

Is noise induced tinnitus reversible?

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 09, 2014

This question can be rephrased as follows:

  • Does noise induced tinnitus spontaneously remit on its own?

The answer is that it depends on the acuity. It’s more likely to remit the more recently you’ve acquired it.

I’ve written a detailed post on this very subject that is accessible here.

Tinnitus Blog

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 09, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus

Now, we here at AudioNotch don’t necessarily like to toot our own horn too much, but we’ve taken a look at some of the other blogs on the internet, and we feel pretty confident in stating that the AudioNotch Blog is one of the best ones out there. Things we cover here:

Tinnitus Talk

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 08, 2014

Tinnitus Talk is by far the best tinnitus forum on the internet. They’re commercially independent, so they don’t money from certain companies to promote a product (ours included).

If you want to check them out, click here.

To read posts about AudioNotch on the Tinnitus Talk forum, click here.

Forum Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 08, 2014

What’s the best tinnitus forum on the internet? That’s easy: Tinnitus Talk. Tinnitus Talk is a commercially independent tinnitus forum so you don’t need to worry about conflict of interest. I’m aware of all the forums on-line and it’s by far the best one. Click here to check out the forum. They have a great section on tinnitus research and the members are generally quite well informed (some are very well informed).