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What is Octave Confusion?

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 16, 2013

Categories: Tinnitus

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Some people find the instructions on our tinnitus tuner to be confusing.

Consider the following paragraph, which provides instructions on how to overcome octave confusion when determining your tinnitus frequency:

Please note: When you think you have found your tone, check the frequency that is half it, and double it, as these may sound very similar due to a phenomenon known as octave confusion. Pick the one that closest matches your tone.

Octave confusion is a phenomenon whereby different frequencies can sound highly similar. The procedure that we mentioned will help you to ensure that you acquire the most accurate possible tinnitus frequency match.

The following is a  more explicit explanation of how to overcome this:

Once you believe you have found your frequency, due to a phenomenon known as “octave confusion” it’s possible that you have not actually found the correct frequency and instead mixed it up.
To check this, simply take the number you have, and listen at HALF that frequency. Also listen at DOUBLE that frequency. You now have three tones for comparison. Pick the one that matches the best among the three.
In summary:
1. Find  your frequecy F
2. Compare F to 1/2F
3. Compare F to 2F
Pick the closest match among options 1-3.