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Another Tinnitus Forum

Written by AudioNotch Team on June 05, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus

I think some forums can provide a good resource for people who suffer from tinnitus. They can act as a source of information as well as alleviate the sensation of isolation that people with tinnitus suffer. Previously I posted about Tinnitus Talk, which in my opinion, is the best internet forum on the internet. However, some of you may also be interested in checking out some other forums as well.

Here’s a link to the English section of, which has mostly German users. The user interface is a bit old but some people still post on there. You … Continue Reading

McMaster is Running A Music Therapy for Tinnitus Study

Written by AudioNotch Team on June 03, 2014

Good news! If you’re in the Hamilton area, McMaster University (my former alma mater) is running a trial of a customized music therapy for tinnitus. Could it be Notched Music Therapy? We’ll have to wait and see!
McMaster University is currently running a study to test if a customized sound therapy can reduce a person’s tinnitus after several months of use. Because everyone’s tinnitus is different, we will provide participants with a customized music-based therapy tailored to their tinnitus. We will also provide participants withtheir own MP3 player and headphones, so that they can listen to the music they receive whenever and wherever … Continue Reading