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What Headphones Were Used in the Notched White Noise Study?

Written by AudioNotch Team on June 27, 2013

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We often receive requests for recommendations on specific headphones that might be used for listening to Notched Sound Therapy.

The characteristics of appropriate headphones are as follows:

  1. Sufficient sound fidelity and quality 
  2. Effective blocking of external noise

Some individuals have asked us if Noise Cancelling Headphones are required. In theory, these headphones would be appropriate in that they would most effectively block out most external noise, however, they are not necessary.

The headphones using for the tinnitus pitch detection on the Notched White Noise study were Sennheiser HD 202 headphones.

We recommend purchasing mid-range headphones that are circumferential … Continue Reading

What New Features Do You Want in AudioNotch?

Written by AudioNotch Team on June 13, 2013

Categories: Announcement

From time to time, we like to reach out to our users and find out how we can do better to serve them. Our software has been repeatedly updated and new features have been implemented in response to user feedback. We have also had unsolicited constructive criticism on how to improve our tinnitus tuner, which has been very helpful in planning our eventual update to the tuner (which is a difficult problem from many angles).

Our question to you is: what feature can we add to AudioNotch to make it work better?

Alternatively, would you like to see AudioNotch develop mobile versions … Continue Reading

Existing Epilepsy Drug Could Treat Acute Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on June 11, 2013


Scientific research into tinnitus continues to yield fruitful results. The pathophysiology of tinnitus has been studied from many directions and conceptualized in many ways. An interested approach has been taken at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine:
The team focused on an area of the brain that is home to an important auditory center called the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN). From previous research in a mouse model, they knew that tinnitus is associated with hyperactivity of DCN cells — they fire impulses even when there is no actual sound to perceive. For the new experiments, they … Continue Reading

Drug to Treat Acute Tinnitus Moving Forward in Approval Process

Written by AudioNotch Team on June 06, 2013

Here at AudioNotch, we strongly believe in the promise of science for treating tinnitus. In terms of “curative” therapies – and we use the term “tinnitus cure” very carefully – a good target for pharmacological therapy is the brain shortly after the development of acute changes (before the neurological changes become more permanent).

Promising European research indicates that human experiments are moving forward for such a drug:
The Basel, Switzerland-based firm plans to start recruiting 600 patients with acute peripheral tinnitus into two placebo-controlled Phase III trials, one each on either side of the Atlantic, later this year. “We’re currently … Continue Reading