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AudioNotch and the Potential Risk of Temporary Increases in Tinnitus Loudness

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 26, 2013

Categories: Announcement Tinnitus

In rare cases, listening to Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy can temporarily increase the baseline volume of your tinnitus.

Your “baseline” tinnitus volume is the volume of your tinnitus at rest with no external sound input other than ambient noise from a regular environment.


There are multiple possible explanations:

1. Incorrect detection of tinnitus frequency, resulting in a “Notch” that does not overlay the user’s actual tinnitus frequency.

2. Listening to Notched Sound Therapy at an unsafe volume level (exceeding 85 dB), as any loud noise can exacerbate tinnitus if it is too loud.

3. Some users have correctly detected their tinnitus frequency and listen at … Continue Reading

Research Update: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 20, 2013

Categories: Announcement Tinnitus

Some additional work is being on peripheral nerve stimulation as a mechanism for treating tinnitus (remember Vagal Nerve Stimulation?). Peripheral nerve stimulation shares many similarities with Deep Brain Stimulation, and the therapeutic potential appears promising (if the clinical results are to be believed – I couldn’t find a link to the paper in question):
MuteButton also has peripheral nerves in its sights as a less invasive route back into the brain.

The company’s technology, which grew out of research at NUI Maynooth, targets a person’s sense of hearing and touch to “teach” the brain to distinguish … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Features Prominently on “Archer” Television Show

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 20, 2013

Categories: Announcement

Some of you may be familiar with the animated television comedy show Archer, which is basically about a show about a comically inconsiderate, obtuse super spy by the name of Sterling Archer. It’s become increasingly popular, and interestingly, tinnitus has been featured as a running gag of sorts. Creator Adam Reed discusses this during an interview with Entertainment Weekly:
One funny thing that started in this episode was the Tinnitus thing. The characters onArcher always shooting guns in closed rooms right next to each other. In TV or movies, nobody ever talks about the … Continue Reading

Excellent Article on Tinnitus Advocacy

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 03, 2013

Categories: Tinnitus

Eddy-Temple Morris, a prominent British musician, has written an <a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>excellent long form article</a> at the Huffington Post about advocating for patients with tinnitus. Particularly heartbreaking is his story of Mark, a friend of his who developed tinnitus:
<blockquote>Mark got tinnitus when he was 24 years old. Some of us get it worse than others, and Mark got it bad. He wasn’t aware of the BTA and he, like most men, didn’t really like talking about how he felt to those around him. He wasn’t one of the hundreds of kids that call, text, tweet, or email me via … Continue Reading

Possible Total Tinnitus Cure on the Horizon

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 03, 2013

Categories: Hearing Tinnitus

Most individuals with tinnitus appear to have the “sensorineural” variant. In this variant of tinnitus, the symptom is caused by the following cascade of events:

  1. Noise exposure causes cochlear hearing cell death
  2. The auditory cortex is deprived of normal input from part of the hearing range
  3. A neuroplastic re-wiring occurs in an attempt to compensate, which results in tinnitus

Thus, the hope for many is to restore the normal input from hearing loss in the hope that the brain will “re-wire” and correct back to the normal, tinnitus-free perception of sound. Research on stem cell transplantation has yielded some fruit in … Continue Reading