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The New York Times on Notched Music Therapy

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 05, 2012

Categories: Tinnitus

The New York Times wrote a brief article on Notched Music Therapy when some of the earlier research was published several years ago. Click here to check it out! In fact, there’s a great explanatory paragraph on the mechanism underlying the therapy:
The researchers suggest that two things might be happening in the auditory cortex to bring about the improvement. The neurons in the cortex related to the ringing frequency are presumably not being stimulated, because those frequencies are absent from the music. At the same time, nearby neurons may have been actively suppressing the tinnitus-related neurons, … Continue Reading

Stem Cells as a Tinnitus Treatment?

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 05, 2012

There are many possible avenues for a total tinnitus cure (i.e. a complete cessation of all tinnitus symptoms). We’ve posted before on the positive results of using stem cells to restore hearing following the death of cochlear hearing cells. Most people have sensorineural tinnitus induced by hearing loss, so theoretically, some of the maladpative neuroplastic changes could be undone if normal external auditory input was restored by reversing hearing loss. While the following study did not involve animals with tinnitus, researchers were able to transplant stem cells into deaf gerbils, allowing them to hear again:
Scientists have … Continue Reading