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Vagus Nerve Stimulation Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 14, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus Research

Note: this article was written by Max, one of our partners at HitTail

Tinnitus is a symptom of mal-adaptive changes in your brain following hearing loss. It’s a disorder where the brain registers non-existent sound. Tinnitus has stages that can range from minor nuisance right to a debilitating reaction that can lead to loss of hearing. It can interfere with having normal conversation, listening to music and even enjoying silence.

Tinnitus is usually treated by a neuromuscular dentist. Most sufferers are told – and manage – to live with this disorder, as most forms are untreatable. Some cases are … Continue Reading

New Vagal Nerve Therapy for Tinnitus Study Approved

Written by AudioNotch Team on April 23, 2013

Categories: Announcement Tinnitus

Interesting news on new tinnitus therapy research: a study has been approved in Texas to test the efficacy of vagal nerve therapy (which we’ve written about before) with respect to tinnitus treatment.
The therapeutic approach developed at UT Dallas pairs audible tones with brief pulses of electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve. Preclinical tests demonstrated that this approach “rewires” damaged brain circuitry associated with tinnitus, potentially yielding long-term reversal of symptoms. No device-related adverse events were seen in the initial human safety study conducted in Belgium, and the initial results were encouraging.*
Vagal Nerve Therapy is one of … Continue Reading