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The Dangers of Concerts Without Earplugs

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 30, 2012

Categories: Hearing Tinnitus

A lot of people might dismiss this story as farcical, even ridiculous. A lot of criticism has been levied at the the prevalence of spurious litigation in the American court system. That said, there’s little doubt in my mind that this woman’s story is true:

An Oregon woman has filed a $9.2 million lawsuit against pop star Justin Bieber, alleging she suffered permanent hearing loss at his Portland concert two years ago…
The lawsuit says Betts has been seeing ear specialists because of hearing loss; severe tinnitus, or noise or ringing in the ears; and hyperacusis, a sensitivity to sound. Supporting court documents show Betts has not been employed since 2005 and has received disability or workers compensation payments for the past year. They also show she has a spouse or significant other who works at a high school.

It is well known that concerts almost always¬†exceed the safe threshold for hearing, and concertgoers are at increased risk of hearing loss. Musicians who play without protective earplugs are particularly prone to developing hearing loss and tinnitus. At AudioNotch, we strongly recommend placing earplugs over your ears in such environments. Inexpensive soft foam earplugs can be easily placed in one’s ears inconspicuously, and often reduce dB exposure by as much as 30 decibels!