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Justin Bieber Fights Hearing Loss Lawsuit

Written by AudioNotch Team on December 03, 2012

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We posted on this earlier, but whether or not you believe the lawsuit is frivolous, the same lesson remains:

  • When you go to a concert, protect your hearing

Justin Bieber’s legal team, unsurprisingly, will be contesting the lawsuit brought against him by a concertgoer who incurred severe hearing loss from one of his concerts:

Stacey Betts, mother of a young Justin Bieber fan, is suing the pop star for US$9.23-million after a 2010 concert left her suffering tinnitus and hyperacusis. Bieber, recently in the news for winning both a Diamond Jubilee Medal from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and performing at Sunday’s sold-out Grey Cup football game, has vowed, through his lawyers, to fight the charge.

When I go to a concert, I use etymotic earplugs which provide a high fidelity sound attenuation – meaning that the sound isn’t “muffled” the way it is with regular foam earplugs, and I can safely listen to the music. They’re pretty cheap and you can get them from a variety of vendors, or EBay.