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Noel Gallagher, Frontman of Oasis, Reveals He Has Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on April 02, 2013

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Add another casualty to the list of musicians felled by tinnitus secondary to noise-induced hearing loss:

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he is suffering from tinnitus, having recently being diagnosed with the condition by doctors.

The condition, which is characterised by ringing in the ears in the absence of external sound, affects a number of musicians with loud music often causing damage over a number of years. Both Chris Martin of Coldplay and The Who’s Pete Townshend are sufferers.

There’s also an interesting part of the interview where he talks about being diagnosed with the aid of brain imaging – which I have not heard of occurring outside of university funded studies:

“I went for a brain scan. They did find it. I’ve got bizarre ringing in my ears. I think it’s just through playing guitar for the last 20 years so I had to sit in a tube in the hospital,” He said. “It’s an accumulation of many things but I’ve had a bloody great time doing it all and if I do eventually die of brain disease it will have been worth it.”


As always – protect your hearing at loud concerts!