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The Authors of the Notched White Noise Paper Are Collaborating With AudioNotch

Written by AudioNotch Team on April 17, 2013

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Although AudioNotch is an independent and academically unaffiliated corporation, we’re in contact with the authors of the Notched White Noise paper, which you can check out in our science section.

They’ve given us permission to publish some of the communication that’s occurred to us, some of which is relevant to Notched Sound Therapy users here at AudioNotch:

Let me introduce first .. I’m Marco (Lugli), first author of the paper of the Windowed Sound Therapy. I must congratulate you for your website ‘AudioNotch’ for the treatment of tinnitus (something that we would have liked to do long time ago). I noticed that you have recently given patients the opportunity to listen to notched natural sounds. We have  firm experimental evidence (not yet published) showing that some notched natural sounds may be as much as , or more, effective that just notched white noise in the treatment of tinnitus.

Therefore, we long ago stopped using  simple notched white noise and replaced it with notched rain noise. Rain noise has a broad frequency spectrum resembling white noise but it is more pleasant to patients because it is frequency and amplitude modulated. Also the noise of tree leaves shacked by a gentle breeze is a nice noise whose spectrum resembles the white noise flat spectrum. Therefore, our suggestion concerning the use of white noise as baseline noise for the treatment of tinnitus is to abandon it and use rain noise, or other natural noise with a white-noise like spectrum, instead.

To conclude, we hope that these few suggestions may be helpful to you and may improve your therapy.

We are about to commercialize WST in Italy and hope that we may exchange ideas and findings in the future to make the WST more and more effective care.



Marco Lugli

What’s the take-home point from this e-mail?

Simply put, Notched Natural Noises may be superior to Notched White Noise!

We’ll be updating our site accordingly, because some natural noises have sound energy that drops off at a lower frequency than white noise, and as such, may not be effective in treating very high frequency tinnitus. As such, we’ll be rolling out updates to our system such as:

  1. Re-branding “Notched Masking Therapy” as “Notched Natural Sound Therapy”
  2. We’ll be determining the effective tinnitus treatment frequency spectrum for each of the unique Notched Natural Sounds

We eagerly await the publication of the new research from Dr. Lugli and his compatriots, and will link to their paper the moment it’s published! It’s exciting to collaborate with researchers whose work we’ve translated into a widely available commercial form.

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