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Possible Treatment for Meniere’s Disease Found

Written by AudioNotch Team on January 09, 2014

New research illuminates a possible understanding of the pathophysiology behind Meniere’s Disease:

Researchers at University of Colorado School of Medicine may have figured out what causes Meniere’s disease and how to attack it.  According to Carol Foster, MD, from the department of otolaryngology and Robert Breeze, MD, a neurosurgeon, there is a strong association between Meniere’s disease and conditions involving  temporary low blood flow in the brain such as migraine headaches.

A possible avenue of treatment is also implied by these research findings:

“If our hypothesis is confirmed, treatment of vascular risk factors may allow control of symptoms and result in a decreased need for surgeries that destroy the balance function in order to control the spell” said Foster. “If attacks are controlled, the previously inevitable progression to severe hearing loss may be preventable in some cases.”

Why are attacks triggered? Researchers believe:

Foster explains that these attacks can be caused by a combination of two factors:  1) a malformation of the inner ear, endolymphatic hydrops (the inner ear dilated with fluid) and 2) risk factors for vascular disease in the brain, such as migraine, sleep apnea, smoking and atherosclerosis.

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