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Sound Therapy Music

Written by AudioNotch Team on April 03, 2014

Categories: Treatment Review

Is there such a thing as Sound Therapy Music for tinnitus? The term can be used interchangeably with “Notched Music,” “Notched Music Therapy,” and other terms. Originally discovered by Christo Pantev’s German lab, other experiments have shown efficacy with Notching other sounds as well, such as white noise.

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To summarize: Sound Therapy Music takes a regular song, and then “notches out” the sound energy at and around the patient’s tinnitus frequency. Then, patients listen to the music and healthy and unhealthy auditory cells are differentially stimulated. The healthy neurons inhibit the activity of the unhealthy auditory neurons which are causing the tinnitus percept. Over a sustained listening period of several months, the inhibitory connections are strengthened through neuroplastic rewiring of neuronal connections, and the tinnitus volume is persistently lowered in the patient.