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Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment Review

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 05, 2015

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For those who suffer from tinnitus, it can be extremely frustrating. It is a condition that causes a buzzing or ringing in the ears that never goes away. Over 50 million Americans struggle with this condition on a daily basis, with even more on a worldwide level. The root cause of the problem is not clear and there is no permanent cure. However, neuromonics tinnitus treatment review shows promise for a recently developed alternative for those who are trying to manage their condition. Neuromonics Inc., a company based in Colorado, has developed a device that is worn by patients and is simple to use.

How it Works
According to a neuromonics tinnitus treatment review, the Neuromonics Inc. device uses a combination of a high-frequency signal and soothing music that is played while victims of tinnitus where it. The signal used depends on the unique needs of the patient. In order to get the device, patients must see their audiologist. After careful evaluation, the Neuromonics Inc. device can be prescribed and set at a frequency that is most effective for the individual. Once patients have been fitted with the device in the office and had the proper adjustments made, the sound therapy is applied.

From speaking with some people who’ve had the treatment, the cost is in the thousands of dollars. It seems that the cost is artificially inflated by using a proprietary MP3 player which is branded as being “special” in some way (without actually specifying how it’s different).

What Sets the Neuromonics Device Apart
It’s unclear how Neuromonics sets itself apart from other sound therapies. Something of concern is  how, to my knowledge, all the studies in favour of it have been funding in some way by the company behind it. While most options involve masking the symptoms of tinnitus, the Neuromonics Inc. device, referred to as the Haven, is purported to actually help patients to manage their condition and lower their volume. It is designed to create new neural pathways.

A Simple Alternative
The latest device from Neuromonics Inc. is at least easy for patients to use. It acts in a way that is similar to music players and can be adjusted without difficulty. Victims of tinnitus can take it everywhere they go, finally achieving relief from a troubling condition that can rob a person of peace of mind and the ability to get a solid rest. However, it’s unclear if, even if Neuromonics works, if it’s any better than other available sound therapies (despite costing much, much more).

Industry Connections

Neuromonics has significant connections to both the ATA and to the VA in the United States. The VA has given multiple research grants to Neuromonics and helped to fund some of their studies. The connection between industry and non-profit organizations is a tricky one. On the one hand, it’s perfectly legitimate to work with private partners in order to treat tinnitus. But on the other hand, it’s difficult to parse what is and isn’t “too close” of a relationship. Obviously all commercial operators in this space have a vested interest. Ideally, we’d have a scientific board adjudicate on the scientific evidence and give ratings to various treatment options. A literature review is something I’d like to see the ATA do.