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Physical Trauma Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on February 10, 2015

Categories: Tinnitus

Of all the human senses, hearing is one of if not the most important. Being able to hear birds singing, a favorite song on the radio or simply the laughter of a child is something most people cherish, and when they experience hearing problems life can suddenly feel very lonely and depressing. For many people, tinnitus is one of the most common hearing problems they experience. While there are many factors that can lead to tinnitus, physical trauma is one that can bring about a sudden change in how someone is able to hear the world around them.

What is Tinnitus?
Simply put, tinnitus is a ringing in the ears despite there being no actual sound that’s present. Whistling, humming or ringing noises may be heard even if nothing nearby is emitting those sounds. For some people it may last only a few minutes, while for others it is never-ending. Though many things such as the aging process, certain medications and ear wax can cause tinnitus, physical trauma that results in hearing damage is seen as the main cause of the condition.

Loud Work Environment
One of the major types of physical trauma tinnitus results from is a loud work environment. Working in a manufacturing plant, on a construction job or in an automotive repair shop can led to noise-induced physical trauma tinnitus. Various types of equipment can cause tinnitus including:

  • Power saws
  • Drills
  • Jackhammers
  • Leaf blowers

For people working in these environments, wearing earplugs or headphones designed to block out sound is highly recommended.

Music Concerts
While everyone loves to hear their favorite singer in concert, sometimes the noise level at concerts can result in temporary bouts of tinnitus. To lessen the chances of this happening, it’s generally recommended to wear earplugs if you’re going to be sitting near the stage, where the music will be loudest. Many people choose to have seats much farther away from the stage, allowing them to enjoy the concert without risking having their hearing damaged.

Mowing Your Yard
Many homeowners don’t realize that their lawn mowers may be damaging their hearing. Research has shown lawn mowers can produce potentially damaging levels of noise, so it’s advised people wear earplugs if they will be using their mowers for an extended period of time.

While many of these activities can lead to physical trauma tinnitus, making the necessary lifestyle changes can improve if not eliminate the condition and have a person’s hearing return to normal.