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Written by AudioNotch Team on February 09, 2016

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Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.


When you struggle with tinnitus and its associated symptoms, it can be hard to find others who understand what you are experiencing. Ringing, buzzing and hissing noises can all become frustrating to deal with, and you may even find that differing opinions regarding the best treatments prevail throughout the medical community. Fortunately, you always have a place to find compassionate people who understand your condition at the Tinnitus Talk support forum where everyone is willing to lend an ear.

Latest Research News
New information about tinnitus is being discovered all the time, and you can find the latest research in one place at the Tinnitus Talk support forum. Whether you are wondering about a new potential treatment or have an interesting article to share about gene therapy, you will always have a place to read and contribute here.

Success Stories
Many people with tinnitus struggle with days where their symptoms lead to negative emotions, and we understand that it can often seem as if there is no relief in sight. However, many of our forum members have experienced success with both traditional treatments and new studies that can provide you with inspiration that there is a chance for enjoying life after a tinnitus diagnosis.

Answers from Doctors
Sometimes, you have a question that requires a professional opinion. Whether it’s late at night or you are unable to see your normal physician, our Doctor’s Corner on the Tinnitus Talk support forum puts you in touch with professionals in the medical field that can answer your questions with authority. Remember, however, that the doctors on our forum can only provide their opinions so it is important to still seek treatment from your regular physician for any new or unusual symptoms. Still, having your questions answered can provide reassurance regarding your condition.

Supportive Feedback
Whether you want to talk about tinnitus or just need a quick chat about a favorite subject to brighten your day, our community is full of like-minded individuals from all walks of life. Together, we at the Tinnitus Talk support forum enjoy lifting each other’s spirits in an atmosphere that supports each individual by communicating with kindness and compassion.

From helping the newly diagnosed to expanding everyone’s knowledge about the latest treatment practices, the Tinnitus Talk support forum is dedicated to improving the lives of people with tinnitus. Whether you have been diagnosed or help care for a family member with tinnitus, joining our forum will provide you with a well-rounded source of support that will enhance your life.