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Zabell Hearing Centre

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 10, 2016

Categories: Tinnitus

Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.


At the Zabell Hearing Centre, patients are able to work with audiology professionals who are genuinely concerned about their hearing health. The Zabell Hearing Centre provides a wide range of hearing aids and products as well as specialty services to test for hearing loss and monitor the ear health of each patient. Each patient is paired with an experienced audiologist to get one-on-one care during each visit.

Hearing Products
The staff at Zabell Hearing Centre are authorized by the Canadian Ministry of Health to provide a full range of auditory products. From basic hearing aids to those that have all of the technological features currently available, the audiologists work with each patient to help with the selection of the right hearing aid for every situation. Patients may try out a behind-the-ear, in-canal or an in-the-ear hearing aid. Every hearing aid is custom-made for the patient in order to achieve a comfortable fit. Each member of the team participates in ongoing training and education for the management of hearing aid systems and software. This allows the staff to provide high-quality care to each patient.

Hearing Screenings
Hearing screenings are important to the health of every person. Anyone can experience hearing loss due to the use of certain medications, exposure to some bacterial and viral illnesses and exposure to loud noises. Children with speech delays sometimes have undiagnosed hearing problems. As people get older, their hearing often declines to the point where it is difficult to carry on a conversation, hear the television or talk on the phone. The hearing screenings provided by the audiologists at Zabell Hearing Centre are designed to detect hearing loss in people of any age. Before coming in for a hearing screening, patients can take a short quiz to determine if they are at risk for hearing loss. A hearing screening takes about 30 minutes and the results are ready during the same visit.

Professional Services
In addition to hearing loss screenings, the audiologists at Zabell Hearing Centre offer professional services such as management of tinnitus. They can also assist patients with an ear canal blockage that is caused by a buildup of cerumen, or ear wax. The audiologists also help patients who are active swimmers or who work in trades that involve regular exposure to loud noises, such as construction workers and airport luggage handlers. Patients can also come in for hearing aid cleanings and tune-ups.