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Hearing Noise Notch

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 23, 2016

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Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.


If you believe that you have tinnitus, the first thing that you need to do is to get an evaluation from a doctor. He or she will be able to do a full physical exam to determine the extent of your tinnitus and make sure that it isn’t the result of a tumor or some other underlying physical condition. From there, you can use a hearing noise notch to reduce your symptoms.

What’s a Hearing Noise Notch?

Those who have tinnitus are going to have different volumes and frequencies that they hear even when no sound is present. The first step is to determine your tinnitus volume and create a notch in that frequency. Next, a software program will create sounds based on that volume that you need to listen to for at least an hour a day. You can listen to your hearing noise notch whenever it is convenient for you.

When Should You Listen to Your Notch?

Make sure that you listen to your notch at different times of the day to help reduce your sensitivity to different volumes and frequencies. For instance, if you listen to audio for 90 minutes a day, you should listen for a few minutes before breakfast, at lunch and then at some point before you go to bed at night. It is important that you listen at a reasonable volume to ensure that you don’t actually make your tinnitus worse.

What Happens If Symptoms Don’t Improve or Get Worse?

It is perfectly normal for the volume or frequency of your tinnitus to change during the course of your treatment. If this happens, make sure to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will examine you again to make sure that there are no new physical issues that may have caused the change. Then, you will once again go through the process of detecting your tinnitus volume and altering treatment to account for it.

Tinnitus can be a frustrating condition to live with. Even in a perfectly quiet environment, you may hear a ringing noise that won’t go away even when you are trying to sleep. While you may adjust to it over time, it can also have a profound impact on your life. With notch treatment, you can decrease the volume of your tinnitus, which will help you live a better quality of life now and into the future.