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Tinnitus Disappears Completely

Written by AudioNotch Team on September 01, 2016

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Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.


As sufferers know, there are no cures for tinnitus. This is an ailment that sufferers have simply learned to manage. You can find stories of people who have been victim to a noise in their ears that never goes away, a sound so disruptive it prevents sleeping, interferes with socializing and can actually lead to headaches and distraction. You can find sufferers whose afflictions are fairly mild, intermittent and annoying.

Search the Internet, you can also find many stories where tinnitus disappears completely. Here are a few:

“The Buzzing in my right here has gone. Completely. I’ts now Saturday evening and still no buzzing. This is the longest time in 3 years that I have gone without the buzz in my right ear.” – Dean

Dean attributes his good fortune to an extract many regard as a hoax.

“Used to have tinnitus, it went away after a year or so, and I don’t take chances anymore with my hearing. These are cheap, and they work.” – marton

marton does not attribute any specific treatment to his claim.

“When i was first diagnosed with tinnitus 5 years ago, i was devastated and confused. it had become a real and meaningful threat to my life. i finally found the right combination of treatments that have since eliminated the noise i used to hear in my ears. amazingly, my tinnitus completely disappeared.” – Anonymous

Again, this sufferer does not break down the specifics of their treatment.

Unfortunately, while these sufferers claim tinnitus disappears completely, these are personal stories with no real medical investigation. You can certainly find plenty of ads that claim to have a cure, making declarations that are more promotional than scientific, but deep research will find no medical evidence that tinnitus disappears completely.

The responsible clinician would never imply tinnitus disappears completely. They may not argue it couldn’t happen, but they would prefer to see scientific studies and proof that supports the claim. The research community would love to use these stories to establish better ways to treat the millions of people suffering with the ailment to varying degrees.

Currently, appropriate treatments deal with managing tinnitus, usually helping sufferers find ways to minimize the distraction and repercussions of the condition. Tinnitus as a result of ear infection can be treated with antibiotics. An audiologist, alternative therapy or a tinnitus masker might help.

If you are suffering with tinnitus, see your doctor right away.