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Celebrities with Menieres Disease

Written by AudioNotch Team on September 06, 2016

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Many people may not be aware of what Menieres disease entails, much less just how many celebrities with Menieres disease there are.

Usually beginning somewhere between early adulthood and middle age, this inner ear disease usually includes bouts of vertigo, uncomfortable amounts of ear pressure, ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, and ultimately it can include a total loss of hearing.

While the disease is often unilateral, or affecting one specific ear, it can be bilateral as well, posing a problem for both ears.

There is no real cure, but the disease’s symptoms can be maintained with proper treatment. Some surgeries are available as well.
Celebrities with Menieres Disease

The disease has affected celebrities across all areas, from actors to sports figures and beyond.

Some of them include: poet Emily Dickinson; actress and singer Peggy Lee, who in later years had to perform in a wheelchair; professional basketball player Steve Francis; singer and actress Kristen Chenoweth; jazz guitarist and entrepreneur Les Paul; painter Vincent Van Gogh, who battled depression as well; Katie LeClerc, of “Veronica Mars” and “Switched at Birth” fame; Chris Packham, of the BBC’s “Springwatch” nature program; singer Ryan Adams, who had to take a two-year break from the music business to seek treatment; and poet Jonathan Swift, among many others.
The Challenges for Celebrities with Menieres Disease

Because of the nature of Menieres disease’s symptoms, many unique challenges arise for celebrities. Those who act or sing have trouble performing their art because they cannot hear themselves clearly and their often-packed schedules do not allow much downtime.

Athletes are specifically bothered by the balance challenges the disease presents, since the inner ear controls much of the body’s coordination.

Therapies which Have Worked for Celebrities with Menieres Disease

Many find that trying to find a calm center has helped them deal with the unique challenges of Menieres disease. Yoga has been particularly beneficial for some, as has clean eating, acupuncture and the use of supplements in their diet.

Mental therapy can also help sufferers transition and deal with the frustration and depression the disease may spur.

Reducing the salt intake in the body or taking a diuretic can help level out the fluid levels in the body, and consequently within the inner ear. This can improve balance functions.

Steroids are also helpful in some circumstances for reducing inflammation within the ear canal.