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Celebrities With Menieres

Written by AudioNotch Team on May 09, 2017

Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.


Meniere’s disease is a condition that can affect the inner ear. It causes vertigo, ear pressure and tinnitus. It was first discovered by a French physician in 1861. Meniere’s disease is a condition that can be difficult to live with. However, there are celebrities with Menieres who have thrilled.

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was a poet who had Meniere’s disease. Despite the fact that she had this disorder, she managed to write over 1,800 poems. She published about a dozen of those poems. Emily is still considered one of the greatest poets who ever lived.

Dana White

Dana White is a businessman and the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is also one of the celebrities with Menieres. In addition to managing his business, he also teaches aerobic classes. He revealed that he was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in 2012.

Dana Davis

Dana Davis is a award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer. She was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in 2003. The condition caused her to feel stressed out and exhausted. However, she has not let the disorder stop her from living her dreams. She still loves to write, read, run and travel.

Kristen Chenoweth

Kristen Chenoweth is another one of the celebrities with Menieres. She is a singer and actress. She is known for her roles in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” and “Wicked.” She was on stage when she started to experience Meniere’s symptoms for the first time. She wrote about her experience in her autobiography called “Fresh Air With Terry Gross.”

Katie LeClerc

Katie LeClerc is an actress who is known for her roles on “Switched at Birth” and “Veronica Mars.” She found out that she had Meniere’s disease while she was acting on “Switched at Birth.” The condition has affected her hearing, and she has to wear hearing aids.

Steve Francis

Steve Francis is a professional basketball player. He is known for his dribbling ability. He suffers from Meniere’s disease, which has also caused him to have debilitating headaches.

David Alstead

David Alstead is a skilled pianist. He had a surgery at the age of 19 that caused him to develop Meniere’s disease. He has also lost hearing in his left ear. Despite all of this, his career is taking off. He was named “Unsighed Artist of the Year” by “Keyboard Magazine”. He also won the Eric Stokes Song Contest. Additionally, he has performed at several musical theaters.