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Tinnitus Treatment in Homeopathy

Written by Adrian on November 26, 2018

Is there a tinnitus treatment in homeopathy? This is a question that many tinnitus sufferers have. You may be looking for a tinnitus treatment and homeopathy looks like it may help.

We should first seek to understand what homeopathy is. Homeopathy was created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann (shown above). It’s based on his principle that like cures like (similia similibus curentur). Like cures like means that a substance that causes the symptoms of disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people. Homeopathy also claims that the more diluted the … Continue Reading

Is There a Treatment for Tinnitus?

Written by AudioNotch Team on August 01, 2013

Brought to you by AudioNotch, the leading Tinnitus Treatment program worldwide:

There’s an excellent blog that I recommend many of you read – it’s called Science Based Medicine. It’s a blog advocating the use of scientific plausibility to evaluate the prior probability of a given treatment being effective, and not just relying on experimental evidence alone. In this vein, treatments like homeopathy should be evaluated based on their scientific plausibility – and in the case of homeopathy, the plausibility is basically zero (since the mechanism of action … Continue Reading

“Tinnitus Cure” vs. “Tinnitus Treatment” – The difference between the two, and why it matters

Written by AudioNotch Team on December 07, 2012

Categories: Tinnitus

If you google the term “tinnitus cure” you’ll run into a long list of treatments and remedies that are “proven” to “cure” tinnitus.

The term “cure” is a loaded term – it is the strongest of all possible claims – it is a promise that a product will eliminate your tinnitus entirely. This claim is made despite the fact that the overwhelming consensus among the leading experts and scientists in the field of tinnitus research is that there exists no effective “cure” at this moment in time. Moreover, the exact pathophysiology of the disease is still being figured out.

Among these “cures,” … Continue Reading