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Suicide Tinnitus

Written by AudioNotch Team on April 06, 2018

Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.

There are many instances when unbearable health conditions have driven people to take their own lives. For example, pain may be unbearable, and a patient may feel like no treatments work to alleviate the pain. You may have heard about a possible link for suicide tinnitus, and you may be wondering how this could potentially impact you or a loved one who is suffering from the condition. A closer look will reveal that … Continue Reading

Tinnitus and Suicide

Written by AudioNotch Team on July 30, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus

The topic of tinnitus and suicide is a complex one. I’ve taken a look at some of the information I could find and I think the following points are reasonable:

  • Establishing a causal relationship between cases of tinnitus and suicide is methodologically extremely difficult, and likely impossible. We know that people who are prone to anxiety and depression are more likely to develop tinnitus, we know that tinnitus can precipitate anxiety and depression, and we have cases of individuals who claim to have been driven to suicide over their tinnitus. However, an act of suicide is a complex event with multiple … Continue Reading

ABC News On the Anecdotal Association Between Tinnitus and Suicide

Written by AudioNotch Team on April 04, 2013

Categories: Hearing Tinnitus

For some individuals, it appears as if tinnitus can precipitate some very serious mental illnesses such as severe depression, which may unfortunately culminate in suicide:
Of 9,000 patients who have come to the tinnitus clinic at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, clinic director Billy Martin said he was aware of eight who committed suicide. Most of the patients show up with insomnia, anxiety and depression, along with their tinnitus.

“The combination is extremely difficult to deal with,” he said. “The load this places on people is beyond what any human was designed to endure.”
This combination of … Continue Reading